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TBT Cookies & Custom Decorated Cookies


Cookies make the world a better place

There’s nothing like the smell (and taste!) of fresh cookies. We have all your sweet cravings covered with classic cookie flavors, decadent whoopie cookies, and customized cookies. Made with fresh ingredients and REAL butter, you might have a hard time sharing these delicious treats.

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Custom Decorated Cookies

We design custom decorations just for you and can do anything from company logos to princess fairies.


TBT Cookies

Order classic cookie flavors or ask about current seasonal/holiday flavors!

Custom Cookie Orders


Order Cookies for Your Next Big Event!

Work with our bakers to create the perfect cookie spread for your celebration, event, or special occasion! Classic TBT cookie flavors, custom designs, a little of both…whatever you need, we’ll bring your sweet vision to life! Please note: large orders require at least 72 hours notice, depending on the quantity requested.

The Buttered Tin believes in paying our staff a sustainable living wage. We add a 20% surcharge to all custom bakery orders to support these efforts.