Hot Fudge Cupcakes



Happiness is only a cupcake away

Make any day special with delicious scratch-made cupcakes! Only the freshest ingredients and REAL butter go into our moist cakes and rich buttercream frosting. Choose from twelve fun and delightful flavors (check ’em out below)!

Cupcake Flavors


Almond Kiss

This simple yet sophisticated almond dessert is the most requested cupcake at Alicia’s family gatherings. Moist vanilla cake surrounds an airy almond mousse frosting. We kiss this cupcake with a sprinkle of crunchy almond slices.

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake

Chocolate Raspberry

Rich chocolate cake is the perfect complement to our house made raspberry jam filling. Creamy raspberry mascarpone frosting drizzled with dark chocolate and finished with a fresh pansy elevates this beauty to an edible artform.

Chocolate Salted Caramel Cupcake

Chocolate Salted Caramel

Chocolate, caramel, and salt make a tremendous flavor trio! We fill our fluffy chocolate cake with golden caramel and top it with creamy chocolate buttercream frosting. A touch of French flour de sel adds sparkle and a subtle crunch.

Cookies and dreams cupcakes

Cookies and Dreams

Ask our bakers to choose their favorite chocolate cupcake on the menu: this is it! Fluffy chocolate cake is topped with a chocolate cookie-studded mascarpone whip. We pour dark chocolate ganache over the whip and finish with more cookie crumbles- because why wouldn’t you?

Carrot Cake Cupcake

Classic Carrot Cake

Our moist carrot cake is bursting with carrots, toasted walnuts, and spices. Silky cream cheese frosting tops this carroty charmer. A gluten-friendly option is available- and both versions are equally delicious.

HoHo Cupcake


Meet the TBT best-selling cupcake created for our brand; it’s our homemade take on a classic Hostess Ho Ho. We fill fluffy chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream and dunk that baby in dark chocolate ganache. Hostess Ho Ho, meet your delicious TBT match!

Hot Fudge Cupcake

Hot Fudge Sundae

This cupcake is a happy party of delicious fun. We fill a fluffy chocolate cake with rich, silky ganache and swirl a small mountain of whipped frosting on top. Next, we pour on the dark chocolate ganache, crown it with a glazed cherry, and toss on an exuberant handful of playful sprinkles!

Lemon Drop Cupcake

 Lemon Drop

This delicate lemon delight is the perfect choice for baby showers and garden parties. Fragrant vanilla cake is filled with tart lemon curd, swirled with lemon cream cheese frosting, and finished with one perfect edible flower. It’s summertime in a bite.

Red Velvety Cupcake

Red Velvety

You’ll find classic ingredients in our red velvet recipe: vanilla batter with cocoa powder and a dash of white vinegar deliver iconic red velvet cake flavor. We add silky cream cheese frosting and velvety crumbles for a stunning taste experience.

Strawberry Fields Cupcake

Strawberry Fields

There’s an iconic song inspiring this strawberry dream of a cupcake. Our famed vanilla cake is filled with fresh strawberries and topped with a cloud of almond/vanilla buttercream frosting. You’ll hum Strawberry Fields Forever between each bite.

Sweet Jane Cupcake

Sweet Jane

This is a simple vanilla cupcake in its perfect state. Moist vanilla cake is elevated with a heavenly hint of almond/vanilla buttercream frosting. Our Sweet Jane is our most popular guest at weddings and children’s birthday parties.

Tres Leches Cupcake

Tres Leches

We bake memories of Latin delicacies in this delicious favorite. Our vanilla cake is soaked in a mix of milks, topped with whipped frosting, and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache for Latin flavor in every bite.

White Wedding Cupcake

White Wedding

We elevate crowd-pleasing vanilla cake to a wedding-worthy status with vanilla bean pastry cream filling. Top that heavenly goodness with fluffy almond/vanilla buttercream, and this stunning great will grace the most discerning occasion. This is our Bakery Manager Katie’s ultimate favorite flavor!

Minneapolis & St. Paul Cupcake Ordering Options


Whether you need a few cupcakes or several dozen, we have an ordering option to satisfy your sweet tooth. 🙂

  • Pick up individual cupcakes at our NE Minneapolis or Lowertown St. Paul bakeries. Flavors rotate daily and vary by location.
  • Order cupcakes online for Minneapolis or St. Paul pickup! We require a minimum order of six cupcakes per flavor. All online cupcake orders require 48 hours notice. 
  • We add a 20% surcharge to all online orders as part of our efforts to pay all bakery staff a sustainable living wage.

Custom Cupcake Orders


Order custom cupcakes for your celebration or event!

Do you need to order cupcakes for a large event or request a custom cupcake design? We love crafting custom sweets for our customers! Let our baker create a buttery sweet solution just for you. Please note: we require 72 hours notice for all custom orders. 

The Buttered Tin believes in offering a sustainable living wage to our staff. A 20% surcharge will be added to all orders.